Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In Defense of the Little Red Flame

I am feeling rather controversial this morning, so let us begin.

The past few days I have received numerous invites to join a group page titled,

"1,000,000 to join, my dad john mellencamp will quit smoking".

I have questioned why several of my friends would send this invite to me, knowing that I, too, smoke. I do not think though, that they were trying to insinuate something to me when they did. That is not the point of this blog.

Believe it or not, smokers are very well aware of the health risks we take by smoking. How could we not know when we have had it CRAMMED down our throats the past 10+ years?

For the non-smokers who are reading this, do you know the health risks involved with alcoholic beverages? How about the health risks involved with high intakes of caffeine? I don't drink beer nor do I drink coffee. I think both of these things are vile and of the devil. Would you like for me to point those things out for you every time you want to have a beer or two? How about I start harping on you every time you purchase or make yourself a nice hot cup of java when I am in your presence? Do you think that possibly you would be annoyed with the complaining after a while?

Of course right now, alcohol and caffeine are perfectly acceptable. Fifteen years ago, smoking was perfectly acceptable too. Mark my words, one day, all of your little addictions will become taboo among society's standards. And when it happens, I am going to sit back, laugh and remind you of what you did to smokers rights. And yes, if we are of legal age to smoke, it is just as much our right to do so, as much as it is your right to have a cup or two of coffee.

I generally smoke more when I am stressed. It is my "coping mechanism". If you would like to increase my chances to stop smoking, quit stressing me out with your constant whining and complaining to me about my smoking. I do not complain that you don't smoke and try to force a cigarette in your mouth to light it. Quit forcing not smoking on me. I am happy the most when I smoke. When I have a fresh dose of nicotine, I like the general public more, and the general public likes me more. If you think that I am opinionated now.... LOL! Imagine what I am like when I try to quit smoking!

When a smoker decides to quit smoking for another person, the chances of them succeeding are slim. We will succeed at quitting when we do it for ourselves and when we are ready to quit.

As for me, I quit smoking each time I put a cigarette out.


  1. Well, I for one HATE liver. I hate the taste of it..the look of it, but more than anything else about it--the smell alone is enough to gag a maggot when it's being cooked. Go ahead: cover it, soak it, drown it in onions. Obviously you can't stand the smell/taste of it either and are merely trying to fool yourself into believing you're eating filet mignon.

    Secondly..eating liver (despite it's high in iron) as well as ALL ORGAN FOODS, is really not all that healthy--especially when cooking it (insert my gag) via frying.

    So, I think we should ban liver. I think fried foods should be outlawed. I think fast-food should be outlawed too. I may smoke, but usually the ones pointing their "shame on you" finger in my direction, are generally obese and 'tsk-tsking' me with their obese children in tow. Those children should be taken away from their parents. I can quit smoking and munch on carrots/celery in place of it. CAN THEY?????

  2. Well..being smoke free for 2 and a half years i do feel better..BUT i drink more caffeine. I went caffeine free for almost a year and found that it was harder to quit then cigarettes.

    I think to many people have to much time on their hands and need to worry about their own vices rather then worry about what someone else is doing with their money and health.