Monday, May 24, 2010

Teach your children well

When did it become kosher for kids to speak to adults as if they, themselves, are also adults?

If I ever.. ever ever ever caught one of my children speaking to an adult like crap, I would end their life as they know it.  Let's face it.. they just are not stupid enough to do something like that because #1.. they are too scared of me to do it and, #2. Because I have raised them better than that.  Which leads me to this... What the hell is wrong with these parents who allow it? And then they wonder why I don't like them, or their demon spawn children.  I have come to the conclusion that some people should have never been permitted to breed.

I am all for letting your kids express themselves... As long as it can be done in a respectful and non-destructive manner.  While you are letting your "precious prince/princess" express themselves around me.. I imagine myself stabbing you with a dull and rusty razor blade, purposely missing all your vital organs so that you die a slow and agonizing death.  

I will also add.. I am extremely protective of my kids. If you piss on them, you will see a mama bear that you will wish you never rattled.   Perhaps I am a little too protective of them, but I at least give a crap.   But, because of it, all 3 of my kids know they can come to me with absolutely anything-- free of fear or judgment.  And that, to me, is completely awesome. 

So... parents-- Teach your children well.. At least if you are going to subject them to me at any point in their life. 

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  1. Amen. But it seems as though kids have no respect for THEMSELVES and their peers/friends, let alone adults.

    You have to remember though, the PARENTS of these kids were the product of PARENTS who believed the baloney written by Dr. Spock in the 60's, who started this nonsense of "stunting a child's creativity and ego" via corporal punishment. Discipline was bad and REASONING was good. Ever try to "reason" with a 3yr old having a temper tantrum??..or a tantrum in public?? Sorry. I refused to budge from the grocery store or a restaurant simply because my children weren't getting THEIR way. (That's why God made restrooms.) There was no negotiating behavior. I had expectations--FOLLOWED BY CONSEQUENCES.

    Therein lies the key. Too many parents are just too emotionally lazy to FOLLOW THROUGH carrying out their expectations. Count to 10 as many times as you want, but if you aren't going to follow through, the ONLY thing you've taught your child IS how to count to 10-- that,and you're word can't be trusted, and you're a liar. So would YOU respect a LIAR? Then don't be surprised when your children won't (YOU) either.

    So if they don't learn to respect their own parents or should come as no surprise that they won't respect any other adult they encounter.